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Top 10 Best Antivirus for Windows 8.1


The next new version of the Windows OS is going to be the Windows 8.1 that was codenamed as Windows Blue. The OS is going to come with lots of performance, security and UI improvements and let me tell you a good news guys that the OS has already arrived.

Yes Windows 8.1 OS is already available but right now it’s in preview version. That means you can download it for free on your desktop or laptop and use it for free unless Microsoft confirms the first stable version.

As the preview version is already available so you can grab that from the official Microsoft website. The next thing you need to consider is that you’ll need an antivirus which is completely compatible with the latest version of Windows 8.

The importance of antivirus is known to everyone and it can’t be ignored if you’re really serious about not installing Windows OS again and again. For More info visit: Techie

Top 10 Best Antivirus for Windows 8.1

Let me share you the list of top 10 best Antivirus for Windows 8.1 here. These best antiviruses for Windows 8.1 are really capable of fighting with all the germs of the Windows 8.1.


Head on to the official website of Bitdefender and grab your copy of latest antivirus. The latest version will be having 2013 added to its last so you can easily identify which one is the latest one.

AVG – Best Antivirus for Windows 8.1

As soon as Windows 8 was released, AVG became the best antivirus for that and now it’s available for Windows 8.1 also. You can grab it for free and you don’t need to pay anything unless you wish to upgrade to the pro version.



Another well known name in this industry and its antivirus tool is compatible with Windows 8.1 as well. The software comes with lots of advance tools that will be providing your PC the required protection.


Quickheal has been my favorite all the time and I’ve found rarely some bugs in its performance. It gives a feel of being completely protected and the UI is just awesome. Yes, it is compatible with all known versions of Windows OS.


I don’t like this due to its screaming alarms of virus found and virus database updates but rest of the antivirus features of it are good enough to be always listed in the top 10 list. If you can live with its annoying alarms then go ahead and grab it.


Symantec has got a large and one of the oldest virus databases. They know about each and every virus known till now and so this database helps their antivirus tool to provide complete protection to the user.


ESET recently updated their antivirus tool and now the latest version is compatible with Windows 8 and also the Windows 8.1. The software gives good feel and the sci-fi UI further increases trust of users on it.

Few more names which can be listed in the top 10 best Antivirus for Windows 8.1 list are

  1. McAfee
  2. Norton
  3. Panda