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Do You Need Antivirus For Your Android Smartphone?

May 11, 2017

While browsing the internet, we often come across articles that warn and scare us regarding the fact that our Smartphone is under threat of many malware and danger is lurking around it. Although, the use of android is an old-school now, yet the argument that whether it requires antivirus is not settled.

If you are very careful about the apps and files you are downloading on your android Smartphone blog, there are no threat of virus and malwares. But, it is true that malware are common and there are chances that your android device may get infected.

You can escape the malware if you reject the option to download the software. Today, the malware writers use very clever techniques such as attractive apps to trick you into installing the malware. If you download your apps and software from Google play store and avoid over surfing the internet or sending your mail, your android is safe.

The main issue occurs when you download cracked application from an unknown source or third party market, there are high chances of these places to be bundled up with virus and malware. Therefore, be very sure before downloading a new application or clicking on strange-looking sites.

Google Play Store is an open market. It has a Bouncer, an automatic analysis tool, that give consent to every app that is submitted to it but still, apps that are infected with malware and virus, exist on the Google Play Store.

Android has gained lots of popularity and users in the last few years which make it the target of the malware writers. No OS is 100 percent safe and it is beneficial that one uses the antivirus to protect your android phone.

Today, the malware writers are using very sophisticated techniques to con the people. Most of the malware on the android Smartphone are employs to steal the user’s personal information or to send SMS or make call to premium rate numbers. They may display unnecessary ads on your Smartphone, they may also imitate the sites you trust and trick you into giving them your credit or debit card details.

If you are careful about the apps, files and updates you are installing, the sources from which you are downloading them, links your clicking, URLs and network you connect to  and the sources from which you are viewing your email or any other personal account, your android is safe and there is no need of the antivirus for your Smartphone.

Android antivirus or security software not only protects your Smartphone from malwares but they also have many additional features such as call blocking and anti-theft system.  They will scan your apps and files and will alert of you of the virus, if there are any. So downloading, such antivirus doesn’t seem a problem. These antivirus apps may be free or cost you money. Before selecting an antivirus or security system for your phone, decide what facilities are and feature you are looking for and how much you are ready to pay for it. 

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